He's one of the worst students we've got.
- Dr. Nelson Guggenheim

My name is Marc Gallant. I am a senior software engineer at Quanergy Systems, Inc., where my field of interest is state estimation in robotics. In September 2016, I completed a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s University at the Mining System Laboratory (now Offroad Robotics). I also have an interest in writing clean, readable, and maintainable software.

The image below is an orientation graph, which describes how a moving platform rotates through space and the measurements it makes along the way. In my Ph.D. research, I used orientation graphs to make tools to help geologists and geotechnical engineers safely and efficiently make geotechnical maps. This work was the basis for a service offered by RockMass Technologies.

An orientation graph

The quote at the top of the page is fortunately not self-referential; rather, it is from one of my favourite movies. I love playing badminton, shooting darts, drinking craft beer, trading wool, reading science fiction, and the Oxford comma. I am happily married and have a beautiful little boy with my wife, Natalie. We also have an orange cat named Pekoe.

I encourage you to check some of my projects, read my CV, follow me on Twitter, or view my LinkedIn profile. You can contact me at marc.j.gallant [at] gmail.com.